Andrea’s Senior Portraits

Andrea flew into Newport from Vegas for her senior portrait shoot. This is one amazing young woman! Not only did she excel in academics but she lettered in lacrosse! We had a blast working together in the studio and on location around Balboa Island. This is one of my favorite images, although there were many more to choose from. I love her eyes and the giggle in her smile. It’s not a traditional senior portrait and that’s why I love it. I always strive for more and want to showcase my clients in many different formats, light and expression. She was excited for prom on this day, for summer to begin and the day she heads to college in the fall. One of my favorite graduates this year! She has the most amazing, joyful and witty personality and was a pleasure to work with. Not only that but she is simply gorgeous to photograph and made my job a breeze! I wish her well and hope she keeps in touch!



One thought on “Andrea’s Senior Portraits

  1. Michelle you did an absolutely amazing job with Andrea”s photos. There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch and she had a blast with you. I think you will get a lot of people coming down to see you from Las Vegas after they saw her photographs. Thank you so much for making her senior photo shoot so fun. You are truly talented.

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